Brendan Gibbons with his first truck | Gibbons Landscaping

Brendan showing off his new truck in 1999

All of our trucks now display our company logo | Gibbons Landscaping

All of our trucks now display our company logo


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Brendan Gibbons realized his passion for landscaping early in life, and his ground-breaking skills have flourished ever since. He got his start as a teenage entrepreneur, launching his own grass-cutting business in 1996. In pursuit of greater technical skills to season his experience, Brendan moved on to study horticulture and landscape design at Temple University, where he graduated with honors in 2002. Combining natural talent and expert training with years of practice, he established Brendan Gibbons Co.-- a company that provides landscape design, installation, and maintenance services to hundreds of clients on Philadelphia's Main Line and beyond.

Today, Brendan Gibbons Co. continues to uphold Brendan's bold and innovative spirit by unearthing the needs of our surrounding community. With a top obligation to community outreach, our insured employees are committed to safe environmental practices and exceptional customer service. Integrity and understanding are the cornerstones of our work, and by keeping these values in mind, we unite our diverse client base in achieving one common goal: a beautiful property.